Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's wrong with my lung? :(

Last Monday I went to clinic to check if I was exposed to a dangerous chemical as suddenly I felt something came in through my mouth and made my throat in pain. After the doctor checked my throat he told me not too worry because it wasn't chemical but it was only dust, since I've got no symptoms like irritation, skin allergy, nausea, etc.

I told the doctor why I'm worry.. I don't wanna have sore throat again because I'm recovering from flu. I was on m.c. last Tuesday. Then faster the doctor checked my nose, my throat for 2nd time and my lung (using his stethoscope). He said that both of my lungs are NOT in good condition. He offered to lend his stethoscope to me to hear how my lung sounds. (I admit that lots of my friends said I have bad cough). He suggested to do endoscopy on me to see what's inside that caused my trachea become narrow but I refused to do it. Then I had experience for the 1st time ever in my life I was given a dose of oxygen using breathing support equipment.

After finish, he said he gonna give me m.c for 2 days. I asked him, "Is it so serious?". "You might DEAD if you not taking a leave", he replied. Doctor scared me again. "You know what? I will say that your work environment at the moment is not safe for your healthy. It just turned to 'occupation hazard'", another explanation from him.

I left the panel clinic with bunch of medicines. I hate taking pills. Now for the 1st time in my life I need to take 7pcs of pills at one time for medication. I've no choice, I've to do it for the sake of my health. Doctor ask me to come back if the medication doesn't help to cure my lung problem. An X-ray will be done on me. I got 2 days m.c with diagnosed as '
Acute Bronchitis'. WHATTHEHELLISTHAT?!!!

Until now, I just feel all this are totally crap. But what if it is true? What am I going to do? I can't believe it happened on me. God please safe me. Safe my future, please... ;(