Friday, January 17, 2014

Everything is fucked up!

It's 3.20am.
Just finished watching Diane Lane on movie Fierce People
Continue listening to 'The First Cut is The Deepest' by Sheryl Crow.
Been listening over and over nearly 1,000 times since yesterday.
The pain on the hip is back. Not gonna take that bloody steroid again this time.
Decided to have it for real. Let the pain stays in my body and mind.
I still can't sleep tho.. because I'm in pain. Physically and mentally.
I have breakfast appointment with friends at 8am today. 
I don't have any painkillers with me. I hate painkillers. They makes me feel shits. 
I need to feel the real pain. So that no one can give me more pain. I won't let that happen. Not anymore.

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